Towards conscious food consumption ... 

In the last year, with the supply crisis also of wheat, unsustainable consumerism and attention to personal health and the planet, individuals have started to take more and more awareness about the origin of raw materials and respect for natural resources , looking for a fairer and more sustainable food system.  

Pasta, the most representative Italian product of Made in Italy food, can be the first example of approaching an education designed to transform awareness into concrete action, contributing to the creation of a healthier and more sustainable food system, improving at the same time , the well -being of the planet and the community. 

Pay attention to packaging 

A first aspect to be taken into consideration can certainly be represented by the packaging, preferring recyclable packs, reducing to a minimum, the consumption of accessory material. In addition, the packages must comply with the standards subject to capillary checks, which are synonymous with a guarantee for those who bring our products to the table.  

Read the ingredients and the origin of the raw materials 

The short and certified chain of raw materials, and the processing of them, is a fundamental aspect, if you want to take a path of sustainability from the food point of view, both to minimize the use of additional resources, and to preserve most nutritional components, without having to resort to artificial conservation additives. It is always good to remember, that these raw materials provide our body to natural substances essential for a correct and balanced diet, leaning more and more to opt for organic and integral products. 

The right technique to maintain nutritional values ​​and taste 

Not everyone knows that the long drying at low temperature is essential to preserve the quality and nutritional values ​​of the products. In fact, this technique helps not to alter the natural characteristics of the raw materials, avoiding that transformation mechanisms are triggered that are antithetical to the healthy philosophy of the world, not only biological, but also of fans of good food. 

The processing method, necessary to preserve the structure of the pasta integrates (by preserving the natural micro-realization processes), also contributes to giving that characteristic taste, the good flavor of the past, superbingly guaranteeing the ability to absorb the sauces. The bronze drawing, or even in gold, makes paste porous and able to better accommodate the seasoning, maintaining an excellent seal to cooking and a consistency always al dente, just like the culinary culture made in Italy has always supported and sought after . 

100% Italian wheat 

100% Italian pasta means that every passage, from the production of raw materials, to processing, to storage, is carried out on Italian soil.  

But how to know? And why predict it?  

Thanks to the "decrees of origin", it is mandatory to indicate on the label the origin of the wheat used to produce pasta, consequently the producers that produce with 100% Italian wheat, usually highlight the origin on the label of their products of this ingredient. Even if it is right to point out that from an organoleptic point of view, Italian wheat is not by force than the foreign one, the use of local grains gives the final consumer to taste a food totally without harmful substances, since the Italian law has established that glyphosate and various pesticides cannot be used in such crops. In addition, the pasta obtained from the processing of Italian wheat can only have an authentic flavor in which it is possible to find all the perfumes and flavors of tradition. Already at the opening of the package, the scent of a genuine and 100% Italian wheat will envelop you and will make you travel among the fantastic lands of the Bel Paese. 

The yellow gold of Puglia 

Puglia is the main Italian durum wheat manufacturer with about 343,300 cultivated hectares and 9,430,000 quintals of product. Since the prehistoric man, the sowing of the interest vast plains and hills, covered by the golden swaying of long spiga wheat, typical of these lands. Leader in the production of durum wheat is in fact the province of Foggia, followed by the province of Bari and Bat. Above all, the ancient Apulian grains, in recent years, have undergone an important revaluation and recovery with the use in several doughs, such as the famous orecchiette.  

Wheat is a fundamental element in nutrition and wheat germ is in fact rich in antioxidants that help prevent the hardening of the arteries and therefore the most common degenerative diseases against the heart. Regular consumption of wheat allows you to reduce the symptoms of the irritable intestine and is particularly beneficial for those suffering from high blood sugar.  

Egg pasta, yes to tradition, taking care of quality 

The egg pasta, the one that the grandmother prepared, who with enchanted eyes we looked while preparing it, putting passion, experience, poetry, love for the kitchen, but above all ingredients of first choice and genuine.  

Probably that of egg pasta is an ancient tradition than you think, but everyone seems to agree that the birth of the sheet, from which delicious noodles, pappardelle, fettuccine, etc. are prepared, has an essential fundamental, namely that of combining perfectly The highest quality ingredients, especially of eggs. 

Italian law establishes that, in the production of egg pasta, at least four entire hen eggs must be used, without a shell, for a total weight of not less than 200 grams of egg for each kilogram of semolina. It is a minimum limit and the goodness of the sheet grows proportionally with the number of added eggs, and always preferably in category A. 

 Gluten free, out of necessity and to enrich your diet 

Gluten -free pasta is Excellent for both those who are celiac or gluten intolerant but also for those who want to diversify their diet, without sacrificing the pleasure of a good pasta dish. Also in this case it is always good to orient yourself towards companies that prefer the supply of short and certified, biological and artisanal raw materials, with slow drying and low temperature processing methods, precisely to preserve the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the ingredients. 

In summary, when we talk about "quality", what do we report precisely? 

First of all, it is always good to pay attention to the nutritional values ​​on the label for the health of your body. A high protein content, fundamental to ensure a strong and robust immune system and for muscle growth in people who practice sports. The percentage of protein should be at least 14%, and on this they certainly also affect the climatic conditions in which the basic ingredients are born and are naturally treated.  

A further factor capable of determining the quality of the pasta, is the optimal presence of fiber and a low glycemic index, essential for making the difference in identifying a quality product and good flavor.  

In Italy, where humidity and sun alternate with each other, the production of raw materials is favored by the climate and this is also reflected on its nutritional properties. 

Finally, but not of less importance, it is certainly necessary to reflect that for our health and that of the planet, we must head towards the consumption of products not contaminated by pesticides and chemical agents, preferring natural foods and with a recyclable, sustainable and reduced packaging to essential. On this aspect Italian law, as regards territorial crops, is certainly the most rigorous in the world, imposing the use of more sustainable methods, to safeguard the health of the individual and the community. 

In conclusion 

The quality of the Italian pasta is unique in the world, and the difference is made by the raw materials used. In addition, Italian law strictly protects its productive and nutritional aspect, promoting and supporting 100% Made in Italy production cycle companies, with low glycemic content, slow drying and low temperature. 

In the shop you can find the best brands of durum wheat pasta, traditional egg, bronze and gold -drawing, and even gluten -free, made with techniques that preserve the nutritional and organoleptic properties in all respects. To fully satisfy your desire for Italian food, we also offer sauces, pest, condiments and many other top quality products, which in combination with the best pasta, will give you a unique and satisfying experience to share with those who love. Pasta with love. 

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