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The Gin called "Peter in the Navy" by Peter in Florence was born in the splendid landscape of the Florentine hills, near the Castellare Podere of Pelago. The area is still wild and uncontaminated, rich in spontaneous herbs of the flora of the Mediterranean scrub. Despite its typically territorial nature, the distillate is inspired by the classic models of the most famous London Dry and takes its name from a particular type of high gradation gin, which was embarked on sailing ships of the glorious Royal Navy. His elegance and aromatic delicacy are the result of excellent quality botanists and a processing procedure with attention to the smallest details.

"Peter in the navy" Gin is made by a young reality in the world of spirits. Peter in Florence was created by an Englishman with the idea of ​​combining the tradition of the best London Dry Gin with the excellence of Tuscan botanists. Gin is the result of a wise mixture of 14 botanists, which for the most part come from the territory of the farm of Castellare. Among the main ingredients we mention the peel of lemon and bergamot, angelic root, lavender, rosemary the bitter almonds, coriander in addition to the two most important components that contribute to donating a unique profile to the distillate: the root and Iris petals and juniper berries. The distillation takes place in a special ancestor created by a company in Colle Val d'Elsa, on the model of the famous Carterhead models, with liquid and steam infusion, capable of guaranteeing a more delicate and complete extraction of perfumes, aromas and oils essential.

The "Peter in the Navy" Gin Peter in Florence enhances the best tradition and sunny wealth of Tuscany. It is an excellent bottle, ideal for those who love classic taste, interpreted with an original touch. With an absolutely crystalline and transparent appearance, it expresses an aromatic palette of rare finesse and elegance, with delicate aromas of citrus zest, floral shades, of officinal herbs, spicy notes and fragrances of juniper berries. The entrance to the palate is clear and harmonious, with an intense and complex sip, which gets rid of a very persistent ending.

Bottle 500 ml

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